Mens Minimalist Watches


Less Is More

Matte Black started when industrial designer Dre grew tired of searching for one place where he could find clean, simple accessories, specifically designed in a minimalist style. The kind of style that was timeless and usable every day. Accessories which were versatile enough that he could wear for a meeting at work or getting a beer with friends on Sunday. Either it didn't exist, or it was too expensive. And so Matte Black was born.

Since when was $150 considered "affordable"? 

You know what sucks? When you're scrolling through Instagram and you see a nice 'affordable' watch, only to click on it and realise it costs 150 bucks. In who's f**king world is $150 'affordable'? Why do nice, minimalist products cost so damn much?

Our mission is to provide good quality, minimal and clean accessories at the best possible price. Here at MB, most of our stuff is under $50. Plus, we have free worldwide shipping with no minimum order. That's actual affordable.

We're actual people, not just a website

We work hard to make sure you feel confident in buying with us, and that you're always looked after. Customer service is our priority and we guarantee a response to any question or concern you have within 12 hours. Not only that, we also guarantee that you'll be happy dealing with us.

Got a question about your order? Wanna know more about a product? Drop us a line. Our service staff are ready and genuinely keen to do everything they can to help.